Sunday, January 1, 2012

Monogram Madness!!!!

 Happy New Year, everyone!!! I hope you are all faring well in you own little piece of Blogland.  I wanted to share a project I just finished.  It's really inexpensive and easy.  It uses those oh-so-popular monograms from Hobby Lobby.  They are $1.50 at regular price, but if you dig around on their website, you can sometimes find some great coupons.  I bought the frame for $6.99 at Old Time Pottery.  The background paper is scrap paper I have on hand from scrapbooking.  Everything else, I had on hand as you probably do, too. :-)

Supplies need are frame, letter, paint for letter (your choice), foam brush, paper towel, a paper trimmer or scissors and a hot glue gun.  Here are the steps:
First, you need to paint the letter and let it dry.  
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Next, you simply take the paper backing out of the frame. Then place you choice of background paper on the front of the cardboard and center it, so that it covers the area you'll see.  Next, use double stick or transparent tape to adhere your background.

Here's a picture of how it should look.

Once your letter is dry, hot glue it onto your background paper.  After you've glued down your letter, then you just put the cardboard back into the frame.  It helps is there's a centimeter of so of room bewteen the cardboard and glass, just for the letter to fit well.  It you buy a matted photo frame, that should work! 

Happy crafting, everyone.  If you like my ideas, follow me and catch all my posts.  Have a blessed day!!! C.

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