Friday, January 13, 2012

Snow Day Roman Shades

Hey everyone! Today was a much needed snow day at the house.  I indulged and spent the day crafting.  With neighbors on the horizon, I knew privacy was a must for the kids' rooms.  So these are the first project in the remodel starting in both kids' rooms. 

These are roman shades made from fabric-covered mini-blinds.  I knew my sewing capabilites are not up to par for roman shades, so I used a mini-blind skeleton and went from there. Here are the results. 

 Little miss just loves the way the shades match her hot pink shag rug.  Next, I need to hang the curtains. (The new pic shows them.)  We are painting and adding wall decals very soon.   Big man loves the fact that he will get to sleep in a bit longer.  He wanted black walls in his bedroom, but the black shades are a compromise with darker green walls and camoflage decor.  Hopefully, this will all come to fruition before his birthday at the end of April.  We'll see.

 Here is the tutorial I used.  It is complete and easy to follow. 

Keep on crafting and having fun doing it!!!  Today roman shades, tomorrow the world! :-)

I just updated this page and added the pic at the top of the page with the curtains in place.  My hubby told me I needed to show the finishing touches.  I think he was surprised and impressed with the results, although he would never say this. :-)  He supports all the crafting I do, so I take that as a big thumbs up.  I will update with a pic of curtains in Big Man's room when I find some camoflage curtains. :-)  Love ya'll.  Have a blessed night. 


  1. Room looks like for kids....fantastic Roman shades.
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  2. These are kids' rooms. But you could change the color for any decor. :-)