Saturday, October 27, 2012

Crafting: Meditations

Hello Everyone,
     I just want to take a few moments to jot down my thoughts about my life and where my head is right now.  I have been meditating, processing and just really thinking lately about where crafting plays a part of my life and why I do it.  In the craziness of life, sometimes I think, "Am I being wasteful with my time when I craft?"  In my walk with God, I always question why He has given me certain talents and how I can use them to bless others.  I have been pondering this in relation to crafting.  My intention is not to brag about what I can do, because I know that without God I could do nothing.  "I can do all things through Christ, Jesus who strengthens me."
     This has been my mantra this week.  This has been a really tough week, you know the kind that really puts things into perspective and helps me appreciate all the little and large blessings I tend to take for granted.  Today I am blessed to spend a day at home with my family.  We have spent time together already and will spend more time together, but I will also take some time to craft.
     Some people think crafting is silly, wasteful, expensive, frivolous, but if God has given me a passion for it and a joy when I do it, it is a blessing.  I can't let others' opinions influence my love and enjoyment of it.  Accepting this, I have begun to ask myself: Why do I craft? How does this bring glory to God instead of me?
     Crafting is a joy for me.  While crafting you must focus and in this process of focus, it gives me time to really think.  I don't know about you but it takes me a while to process things and during this time, my mind can process scripture I've read, problems I am facing, blessings in my life, changes in others' lives as well as mine, ministry opportunities, and just life in general.  It brings to mind the Casting Crowns song, "I Will Praise You in this Storm".  There is joy in crafting as I face or process the storms of life, flurries of excitement and happy times,or tempests of trials and temptations.  Crafting is a meditation for me, a way to just slow down and listen to God.
     Crafting is also a great way for me to give to others.  I love making things for my family and they love receiving them.  This is a wonderful way to show love to others.  Crafting makes gift giving affordable and fun.  I always thing of Jesus answer to what are the greatest commandments and His answer to Love others as you love yourself.  Spreading a little love is a wonderful thing.
     Crafting also instills a huge appreciation in me for the greatest Creator, God.  Nothing I make can hold a candle to what he has created in this world.  My crafts incorporate what he has perfected, leaves, pictures of my family He crafted, shells He formed, paints in all the colors of His rainbow, and wood from the trees He grew from seed.
     This may seem simple and silly to you, but those are my thoughts.  This post is just a way for me to journal about it.  The blessing of crafting is something I thank God for and I will continue to love it as long God doesn't convict me otherwise.  I love crafting and I know there are many out there who love it like I do.  Feel free to share with me why you craft!  Have a blessed day! Courtney

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