Friday, October 19, 2012

Ghost Pillowcase Dress for our American Girl

 Hello, all.  I promised the next post would include instructions for the matching dress for, Lindsey, our resident American girl doll.  I am much too frugal to pay for the matching clothing, so I just made our own, and it turned out well.  Here are the dresses together.  Notice the matching hair bows, easy as well.

Here's Lindsey by herself.  She is quite the model. :-)

Here's what you need:
an old pillow, zebra print cotton fabric, zebra ribbon and black cotton fabric for the ghostie face.  I bought the ribbon and fabric at Wal-Mart.  I had the pillowcase and black fabric on hand, so it was a very inexpensive project, about $12.00 for both dresses.  You will not find that bargain at the store!  The doll dress really only took about thirty minutes to make, once I had learned the process from making the dress for my cutie pie.

     The first thing you do is cut a pillowcase down to doll size, about 12" long and 10" across.  Make sure the two long edges are sewn closed and the top and bottom are open.
     Next, cut out the arm holes like in the original tutorial: ghostie with the mostie.  Then just follow that tutorial.  The only difference is the length of the zebra print.  I only cut a 2" length for the bottom of the doll dress and the face pieces are smaller.  I hope this will help you.  If you have questions, ask away.  Have a blessed day! Courtney C.

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