Sunday, October 21, 2012

Halloween-y Hair Bow

Hi! Well, the harvest season is in full swing and now is the time for our cuties to sport costumes.  This year, both my cuties dressed up as ghosts.  Our ghost pillowcase dress just needed a cute, coordinating hair bow, so here it is.  I love the way the zebra ribbon ties the orange and black together.  The zebra ribbon was only $1.97 for the roll, the black and orange were I think $2.97 for each.  You will have plenty left over of each for other projects.  I actually used the zebra fabric for ties on a pillowcase dress and had plenty left over for this bow.  I love using what I already have on hand!  The middle I go from a pack of buttons like this:

 I believe there were a little under $2. You will have plenty to use for other projects!  I also use the French barrette clips like the ones below.
 The items you need for this project are:
A wide ribbon for the bottom
A bit narrower for the middle ribbon
A narrow ribbon for the top ribbon
a clip
thread and needle

The first thing you do is cut the wide ribbon into three 4" pieces and lay them out like you see below.  You will then stabilize them by sewing the three pieces together just in the center.  

Next, measure your middle ribbon and cut three 6" pieces.  They need to be longer because they are loops.  Make sure your needle is on top of your first layer of your middle ribbon and then make a loop on each end with the ends in the center.  Push your needle up through all three layers and 
 push it down to rest on top of the wide ribbons you've already sewn together.  Continue to attach the other two pieces of your middle color group. 

Next, situate them the way you want them to look and 
sew all the way through the bottom ribbons and back 
up through all the layers so that they won't move around.
You will see how it should look, below.

 Now you are ready for your third and last layer of ribbon for your hair bow.  This is the narrowest of the three ribbon groups.  Measure three 4" lengths of ribbon and cut them.  You will loop these just like you did the middle color group of ribbon.
 Now you are ready to sew all the way through to stabilize this group once you have it situated the way you want.  Now you are ready to sew on the botton on top.  It will take some finger muscles to sew all the way through a few times, but it's not very hard to do this.

 Now, you're ready to cut a v in each edge of the widest, bottom ribbon.  This makes it look nice and will keep it from fraying.  I always just run a light along the edges of the v.  Do this very quickly or you will singe it and it will look black.  If you quickly run the lighter along the edge the little frays will disappear and you'll know it's ready!

 Now, just hot glue the clip onto the bottom of the hair bow, let it dry.  Finally, some little cutie pie has a new hair bow!

Have fun crafting.  I love to share the joy of creating and crafting with you. Have a blessed day! 
Courtney C.

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