Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Our Latest Project

Hola everyone!  Last week was consumed with the usual family fun/madness.  I also tackled my little princess's room. She is in love with the Disney fairies as are many little girls, so we bought some Tinkerbell and friends decals, butterfly decals, and flower decals off Amazon.  After shopping around, I felt like they had the best prices, especially with Free Super Saver Shipping. :-)

Little lady wanted two colors: green on bottom and pink on top with a swirl where they meet. I will just say free handing with a small paint brush where they meet takes a while. I also added white dots along where the colors meet so that they blended smoothly. The white dots also formed flight patterns for the fairies and butterflies.  There are no close-up shots, but the white dots are there.


  1. Great job, LFC!!!! I know Miss Becca is super proud of her new room. Thanks for letting AC come over to play. She loved it!!!

    1. Thanks, Jennifer. She is welcome anytime. Becca just loves Anna Claire!