Friday, December 30, 2011

After-Christmas Wreath

Hola ya'll!  I hope everyone out there in Blogland had a wonderfully merry Christmas.  Mr. Verde and I had a wonderful time with the kids.  I love my family and have enjoyed spending extra time with the hubby.  Today, however, was my day for some alone Mommy-goes-shopping time, and I had a blast!!! If you haven't been to Hobby Lobby and Old Time Pottery for their after Christmas sales, go.

Okay. I know, I know.  When Christmas is over, it is time for the decorations to go bye-bye, but they are having some great sales on things not so Christmasy or not at all Christmasy.  Look at the pic of my newly installed wreath below.

I really do think this is the perfect winter wreath for January and February.  I don't know about you, but when March hits, so does Spring decorating fever.  The berry wreath was after-Christmas clearance at Old Time Pottery (normally $24.99, it's now $12.49).  The polystone C was 50% off at Hobby Lobby (normally $9.99, it's now $5.00).  The gold ribbon is leftover ribbon from years ago that I bought for $2.00.  I think you could find something perfect at the Dollar Tree, and who doesn't like great deals at the Dollar Tree.  I hope you enjoy this post and create something you just love!!! Drop me a comment or follow.  Ya'll come.

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