Saturday, May 21, 2011

Fallen off the Blogosphere

Yes, I know I have fallen off the blogosphere. But, since, I am my only follower, I think it's allowed.  I have been a thrift queen lately.  I thought I'd share a few finds with you. I visited our local Goodwill lately and came across these two items. The beaded
 jewelry box is sitting pretty in our great room. The tray, while cute will come under glue in a decoupage project soon. I will
 post pics as soon as I get to it. 
The beaded box reminds me of the fabulous beaded pillows I saw at Pier One a few weeks ago.  I aim to craft an adorably cheap and chic imitation this summer. I just love beading on pillows, boxes, clothing, etc. I guess it's the bohemian spirit in me.  Below is the boxes' new home:

As you can see in the pic (left), I love chipboard and acrylic scrapbooks.  Below I wanted to share a new layout I scrapped with the Page Maps book. It is a must have for quick layouts!  If you are interested in the ISBN#, just post and let me know.  My Friend, Amy, and I are hooked.  Ta ta, for now.  Court

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