Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Refinished chest of drawers for my little jedi

I  absolutely love yardsaling and this was a great buy for $10.  However, when I showed it to my son, he WAS NOT in love with the blue and white splatter paint finish from the Eighties.  I had never refinished wood before. I was surprised at how goopey and messy it really is. This picture was taken right after I had removed the paint.

You get the idea of the color on the drawers.

Here are my refinishing tools. I went through a whole package of these blue gloves.

Here's the stripper.

Kilz was a must!

Next order on the agenda. Paint it red!

I like to store my paint brush in a plastic bag if I can't finish the project in a day. It really keeps from having to clean the paint brush over and over again.

Here's his Star Wars chest of Drawers almost complete. I bought the wrapping paper from Wal Mart for $3. I think it adds so much to the effect.

Last but not least we added a clone trooper and another Star Wars character to the drawer pulls.

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